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Sandown Boulevard, OYO Marina, 17 Culver Parade, Sandown, PO36 8AT


Free Venue Hire:  Birthday Party - Baby Shower - Corporate Events

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Sandown Boulevard

Fun, quirky, laid-back experience with the best quality food, high-calibre shishas, welcoming atmosphere, great vibes and the very best service.

Featuring the islands best street food vendors we bring you a unique food and drink experience not to be missed.

Make a plan – or don’t

Book a spot in advance or turn up early and walk in, everyone’s welcome.


We love special occasions! To book for more than 20 people, please call us.


Sandown Boulevard
Street Food

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Sandown Boulevard Cocktails


Samir Shawarma

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Twisted Pizza

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Boulevard Coffee Shop


Bangin Burgers


Street Waffle

Our Food

Alongside the picturesque shores of Sandown Beach, Sandown Boulevard awaits.

Sandown Boulevard is a culinary mosaic, teeming with diverse food experiences. From the sizzle of grills, the artisan pizzas at Rollin Pizza, and Bangin Burgers, the aromatic allure of spices from Samir’s Shawarma, to the delectable tastes of Wok & Roll, it's more than just a location—it's a sensory journey.

Choose Rollin Pizza where Luke offers artisanal pizzas with passion, winning hearts for three solid years. His dedication to the art of pizza is unmistakable and cherished by our regulars.

Take a bite of the island's freshest innovation at Bangin’ Burgers, Doogie Howes brings the magic of burgers to life with an explosion of flavours, complemented perfectly by loaded fries. He's a maestro in delivering joy within a bun!

The whispers of age-old family recipes come alive at Samir’s Shawarma. Their wraps, whether lamb, chicken, or falafel, are a fragrant embrace of Middle Eastern tradition, bursting with spices that'll dance on your palate.

Journey to the East with Wok & Roll, Harvey & Tyler paint a delectable picture with Asian-inspired dishes. From tantalising noodles to their savoury homemade prawn toast, it promises an experience that lingers.

And when your day craves a sweet finish, the guys from Street Waffle come to the rescue. Offering an array of delightful waffle creations, they ensure every taste bud is catered to. Dive into their Biscoff delight, an indulgent blend of creamy and crunchy textures, or let the Oreo Crunch take you on a chocolatey journey. It's not just a dessert; it's a perfect ending to your Sandown Boulevard experience.

So, whether you're craving a slice, a bite, a wrap, or a bowl Sandown Boulevard is where it’s at. 

Join us soon.


Sandown Boulevard Cocktails

Have a drink with us!

At Sandown Boulevard, the cocktail experience has been reimagined under the astute guidance of Neil Bradley. A seasoned connoisseur, Neil has spent a decade training mixologists and enhancing venues and events across the island. Now, he brings his unparalleled expertise and team to Sandown Boulevard, ensuring that every cocktail not only meets the standard but delivers a true "wow" factor to all who indulge.

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Sandown Boulevard

OYO Marina, 17 Culver Parade, Sandown, PO36 8AT


Tel: 01983 403677

Opening Hours

Fridays - 3pm until late

Saturdays -  12pm until late

For private bookings use the contact form above.

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